The Social Contract of Free Estimates

Like most contractors, Wolfrum Roofing & Exteriors offers free estimates. The reasons we do are simple – it’s the first step in closing a sale; more importantly, it speaks to our transparency. But it may not be so simple to understand what all is involved in producing those free estimates.

We have to obtain plans and specifications and then spend time reading and understanding them. Then we spend more time understanding what, how much, where, and how the work is to be done. If it’s an existing building a site visit is usually required. We talk to material manufacturers to ensure we are using the right product for the job, to suppliers to understand costs and supply, and to our own Superintendents to understand labor availability. And we talk to you, our customers, to make sure we are providing what you need. I’ve spent days, and yes sometimes weeks for large projects, in this process. Sometimes we iterate the process several times to provide value engineering or alternate pricing for consideration. In short, we spend A LOT of resources providing free estimates.

We do all that cheerfully, and without ever knowing if there will be a payoff at the end. We do it with the understanding that it’s all part of the process to ensure that you get the best value for your money, and to show you that Wolfrum Roofing really is one of your better options.

We understand that many people have an aversion to delivering bad news, and calling to tell us that we are not getting the job certainly is bad news, but its okay to tell us. We’ll be disappointed, but we’ll still be friends – promise – and yes, we’ll provide more free estimates in the future. It may be difficult at first but like anything else it will get easier with practice.

At Wolfrum Roofing & Exteriors, we have a dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to make sure you are covered. So the real cost of our estimates? Just 5 minutes of your time.